For those of you who have actually missed STNF in the year or so it’s been dormant, you can still find me at preaching about movies. And if it is actually more the groovy peachy style side of things you’re after I keep my hand in with that too here.

Don’t fret that this is the end for ol’ STNF though. Killing such a magnificent beast ain’t so easy and I’m sure it’ll rise again…

Currently I have more important things to be writing than jolly ol’ STNF. I’ll still be updating ReelEyes, procrastinating Tumblresque on Miles Westwood and socialising banally on Twitter. See you there. MW x

*I broke the links in this post, they weren’t really going anywhere… o8/2o12*

How ever so nautical. Do you think she’s called Svetlana? Definitely a likelihood. She’s got those hot and high waisted shorts, which are seriously cute and this chick digs a photo-op, check the bent knee, she’s been shot before. Matching detailing with the brass buttons and necklace keeps everything in check and perfectly balanced above some deck shoe inspired sneaks. Hands up who loves hot weather!

Snapped by the Style Scout.

In a previous job, Friday afternoon was spent drinking Cava in the gaffer’s office… she’d send me out for three bottles that’d be shared between a tiny workforce, the nights that followed were good times. Why am I telling you this? The betty above is Stephanie La Cava. That’s why.

Anyone else thinking getaway sticks? The look  is the epitome of dirty blonde. Trench dress on legs to the neck, on stacked high sandals – basic, but bold execution.

Courtesy of All The Pretty Birds.

There is I feel a movement against Stussy, nothing strong, just a mild distaste. I don’t think it’s big or important even, but as it goes I used to flog the brand in a skate shop and always quite like their cut and designs. This is a particular pleasing example with sociological and humanitarian concerns conveniently crumpled into a logo.

Given up by Ironic Fashion.

Coachella is, in the amounts of eye-candy that spew from the memory cards of those willing to sling a SLR over their shoulder, an odd mix of desperation and paradise. Two of my favourite things.

As seen through the lens of Mr. Newton.

Ankles are a powerful part of the anatomy and being able to be recognised by them is a good thing to have going on. Such formal footwear, solid and serious with that exposed joint offering a bit more than you expect with the intrigue of the inked bee and all halo-ed by a frayed hem of denim. It makes me want to talk…

Via Jak & Jil Blog.

This has got it going on. Tassels aside I’m crushing on the heavy eye-brows. There is something distinctly unattractive about the over-shaped arch, why get that close to the edge, just go simple styling, well groomed sophistication. Plus it allows for you to express distaste in the most powerful of manner – a single raise of disapproval.

On the threads though, which is why I’m here. Tucked in, yet tight and easy all at once  is what we got here. The hair and the shirt mirror one another being buddled up and flowing out when and where. Then through the stone wash tipped of with a laceless lush, it’s all slick and firm. Plus there is a understated cool in allowing your peeper-protection to hang loose. She’s just got it together.

Who else, Face Hunter.